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10 Tips to Help you Prepare to Retire to Florida

Gloria Heck

Many folks think about retiring to Florida.  It’s important to have a plan, so here are ten tips to help...

South Florida Housing Market Update | August 2021

Gloria Heck

The numbers that we have are from June 2021 housing market update. It is a wowzah, wowzah! Here’s where we.....

Selling Your House in a Seller’s Market

Gloria Heck

Some people think that it’s easy to sell a house in today’s seller’s market. Put a sign in the front...

Top 6 Places to Eat in Coral Springs

Gloria Heck

The Cook & the Cork    The Cook and the Cork in Coral Springs has an Eclectic American menu with...

Best Places to Eat in Coconut Creek | Foodies’ Guide

Gloria Heck

If you are looking for a food guide in Coconut Creek, you are on the right place! Swirl Wine Bistro...

Interesting Places to Visit in Coconut Creek, FL | Let’s Explore!

Gloria Heck

Butterfly World Coconut Creek is considered the “Butterfly Capital of the World”. So it’s not su...

6 Reasons The Housing Market Won’t Crash this 2021

Gloria Heck

So are we headed for a housing market crash? It’s a fair question, so what’s the answer? Housing economist...

Hurricane Forecast: It will be a busy year with hurricanes.

Gloria Heck

Will 2021 be an active hurricane season? University’s hurricane prediction in line with report released by A...

South Florida Real Estate Market

Gloria Heck

What’s happening in the South Florida Real Estate Market? Here’s a quick overview of the market co...

Newbies Guide to Living in South Florida

Gloria Heck

Well, you’ve decided to make the plunge and move to paradise! Besides the tax advantages, fantastic wea...


Gloria Heck

Supply – How many homes are available in your community?  How many homes are available in your are...


Gloria Heck

Pricing a home for sale takes time and research.  There are some things that you can do to get started...

What’s Ahead in 2021 in the World of Real Estate

Gloria Heck

Good riddance 2020! As we ease into what will hopefully be a far better year for all of us, we...

Use your senses to detect problems with your home’s pipes

Gloria Heck

Some of the problems in homes that can cause the most damage may be challenging to detect. Your pipes, for...

Outdoor entertaining? Get rid of mosquitos naturally

Gloria Heck

There are two things that qualify to be the bane of summer: flies and mosquitos. Entertaining outdoors seems t...

Get started with smart home technology

Gloria Heck

Whether it’s trying to remember to turn on the porch light at night or the constant fiddling with the thermo...

Information you need if you’ve got your eye on a condo

Gloria Heck

= They’re typically smaller than single-family homes and they require far less upkeep. Yet the process of pu...

How to remove a lien on your home

Gloria Heck

Unless she checks her credit report periodically, the average American will often not realize that there is a ...

Selling your home when it’s hard to let go

Gloria Heck

Letting go can be brutal. Often, we have no choice, such as when it’s time for our kids to leave...


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