The Pros and Cons of Living in South Florida

Gloria Heck
Gloria Heck
Published on April 6, 2021

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a sunny state with a lot of personalities. If you are thinking about moving to South Florida or staying here on vacation for quite a long period of time, you might want to ask the question,

“What is it like to live in South Florida?”

While it is a sunny state, it’s not always sunshine and sandy beaches. There are also some cons about living in South Florida, and that’s what you should know before moving here.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Living in South Florida:

First, let us talk about the Cons of living in South Florida.

Unpredictable Weather and Heat. One of the things that some people hate about South Florida is the unpredictable weather.  It is usually extremely hot and humid; this is a wet sticky heat that some people cannot stand.  The heat is a constant year-round and sometimes scorching. It can also rain non-stop during hurricane season which starts in June and ends in November. Part of adjusting to the weather in South Florida is the reality that we could have a hurricane sweep through the area that may or may not land in your area. Which requires you to prepare for it as if it is going to hit you.  There is something unpredictably scary about not knowing whether you will be drastically affected by the weather. Plus it can be unbearably hot up in July with temps going up to 90 degrees, yuck!

Bugs Everywhere. Because we live in a humid, tropical environment here in South Florida, there is a tendency to see all types of bugs. It is always a good idea to have an exterminator as part of your regular monthly maintenance. The thing I hate the most about living in South Florida is the never-ending supply of mosquitos.  I am a mosquito magnet, even if I spray myself with repellent, light citronella candles or oil infused tiki lamps.  Mosquitos seem to come out the most after a rain, which is constant and in the afternoon.

Traffic is a Bitch. South Florida is a mix of urban, beach, and suburban lifestyles with millions of people. All these people work, shop, or visit the beach. There really isn’t a good public transportation system here, which results in a horrible traffic situation.  This is especially true in Miami.  It can take you a hour to drive 15 miles during high peak hours. Not only is the traffic bad in South Florida, but the drivers are just as bad.

The Florida Man Lives Here. It is sometimes embarrassing to travel out of state and tell people that you live in Florida because people know the Florida Man and think we are all ridiculous. I’ve heard so many stories about the outrageous antics of this Florida Man I’m glad that I’m not originally from here. But honestly, there are really stupid things that people do here. Here’s an example: the Florida man who buys a Porsche with a check he printed from his home computer or the Florida man who breaks into jail to hang out with his friends. Yikes!!

Besides these four examples of why South Florida is an awful place to live, there are other examples of why this place is awesome.

Weather. Most people who move here consider South Florida paradise as far as weather is concerned, especially during the winter when other people are shoveling snow, we’re soaking up the sun and enjoying the cool breezes.  The average temperature in South Florida ranges from 73-77 degrees making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors most days.

Cultural Diversity. South Florida is made up of people from all over the world. It’s not unusual for someone to be speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic or Mandarin.  Once of the great things about enjoying so many cultures is the food and celebrations of each of these diverse groups. It really is a melting pot that makes life more interesting. In Miami, you can visit the Cuban district which they call Little Havana and indulge in Cuban culture, arts, food and music. Also worth checking out are the Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach and Key Biscayne which is Florida’s most Latin Island.

Source: Miami (

Beaches. There are almost 1200 miles of beach in Florida and South Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because the weather is so great, we have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches year-round. It cost nothing to go to the beach except for parking. Many of the local beaches have restaurants close by. It’s a great way to spend the day and feel like you truly are in paradise. Some of the beaches that are worth checking our are South Beach, Miami Beach, Panama City Beach and Clearwater Beach.

Things to Do. South Florida has something for everybody. If you like to golf there are numerous options and golf courses to chose from. We are the boating capital of the world, there are hundreds of parks, and so many other out-door activities. We have theatres, live music, museums, shopping, and of course our beaches. Some of the things you can do in South Florida include watching the wildlife in Jungle Island and Everglades National Park, having fun and enjoying nightlife in Downtown Miami and South Beach.

South Florida really is an amazing place to live with so many things to do and experience.

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